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Talking to Granny about Crochet

Today’s post was written by Chatter. Chatter wearing one of her crochet creations I was about ten when Granny first showed me how to crochet. All I could make was long chains. I’d make the chains while I stayed with her and Pap. I ended up with enough chains to hang from my bedroom door as a sort of screen. After that spell of crocheting I didn’t really pick up my needle again until I was in my mid teens.…

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Appalachia crafts

I Love to Crochet

Today’s post was written by Chatter. From a young age, I loved anything fiber. Yarn, fabric, clothes, if it was…

quilts in Appalachia
Appalachia crafts

Quilts and Comforts

I don’t think anyone can say the word Appalachia without thinking of quilts. I’ve spent my life sleeping under handmade…