Appalachia’s Storytelling Culture

Storytelling is a huge component of Appalachian culture, you might even say its the cornerstone of the entire cultural foundation. We tell stories to explain the way we live, we tell stories to instruct others, we tell stories to remind us of those who came before us. I watched an episode of The Waltons with Granny the other day. John Boy said the stories of the Walton family had been told so many times they all knew them by heart.…

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hay bale

Hay Stories

The cattle farm down the road lost an entire structure of hay recently. The whole shebang burnt to the ground…

my mountains of Appalachia
5 Things Appalachia

5 Things

1. Chatter’s room smells like a trapper’s cabin! No she’s not been running trap lines as a side hustle 🙂…