My Mama was a Quilter

“My Mama was a quilter. Her quilts are treasures. Treasures filled with memories: I remember her choosing chicken feed by the matching sacks and planning for quilt backing. I remember ladies giving her grocery sacks packed tightly full of pieces of fabric scraps which she carefully sorted and ironed and cut and stitched. I remember her quilt frames hanging from the living room ceiling and quiltings with neighbors during the day, then raising the quilt frame at night so the…

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house in the darkness of night
Appalachia Christmas

December Feels

December feels fresh greenery on the porch and in the house the smell of woodsmoke every time I go outside…

shed barn

Barn Dancing

“Now, when I built my barn up yonder, I given’em a dance. Oh gosh! That was a tremendous crowd. And…

hornet mascot beside yellow truck

Help Out the Hornets

If you’ve been reading the Blind Pig & The Acorn for a good while you’ll likely remember me talking about…