Hole Rose

You may remember a few weeks back I shared the guest post “The Murder (?) of Hol Rose” written by Jim Casada. Last week Don Casada sent me the link to the presentation he shared on the subject with Friends of the Bryson City Cemetery. The program discussing the life and death of U.S. Prohibition Agent James Holland “Hol” Rose was a huge success. There were over 50 people at the meeting with more than a few having to stand.…

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rocking chairs and swing on porch

Rockin’ Chairs

“Uncle Billy McCoy, who counts his years at two past a hundred, figures there’s nothing like a rocking chair for…

rock wall in the mountains

A Sight Of

“There was a sight of rocks where we grew a garden. Poppa had us stack them along the edges of…

plate with ladle and other canning tools

My Favorite Ladle

I have a favorite ladle. You can see it in the photo above. On the day I snapped the photo…

field of broomsedge

White Clay

“You boys, take this bucket and go up to the clay pit and bring back as much as you can…