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Saving Seeds, Black Walnuts, and Granny

Over the weekend I gathered up all the seed pods I had drying on the front porch and hulled them out for winter storage. We used to save seeds from the garden every year, but once Sow True Seed started sponsoring my garden I sort of let that chore slide saving only the seeds that Sow True Seed didn’t offer. With the seed shortage a lot of people experienced this year fresh on my mind and Sow True Seed no…

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Chitter eavesdropping
Appalachia Overheard


“He was taking him out to Asheville and I wanted to go and he wouldn’t let me. Thought I’d beg…

mountains in swain county nc

Appalachian Similes

Today’s guest post was written by Jim Casada. All of my adult life I’ve had people respond to something I…