Appalachia Wildflowers & Trees Of Appalachia

Desert Blooms in Appalachia

About a week ago I was coming around the side of the house when a splash of color caught my eye. We have a covered porch along one side of our house, underneath the porch is a long flower bed which contains mostly hostas. There are a few varying colors of astilbes sprinkled in along with a few geraniums and lenten roses. So not the most colorful bed you’ve ever seen, that’s why the splash of color caught my eye.…

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old spring in woods

Drinking Water

A mountain spring “While tea and coffee were scarce in the pre-Revolutionary backcountry, most mountain settlers fortunately found themselves with…


Lizard Fishing

“When we lived on Tucker Branch, me and Harold started to go lizard fishing. I was about 4 and Harold was…