People Who Once Lived Here

The acreage above our house is full of old homeplaces. There were a few that were still inhabited when Pap was a boy. I loved to hear his tales about people who called the place home and was always mesmerized by the thought of families living in a place I’d only known as wilderness. The photo above is the closest old homeplace to our house. It’s a quick walk along the ridge that our house is built on. Just as…

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rolling creek

Stamey Creek

Today’s post was written by Chitter. Stamey Creek What is it that makes Appalachians so tied to their land? Is…

case knife and fork laying on napkin

Honey and Peas

My grandpa on my daddy’s side was pretty elderly by the time I came along. I don’t think he actually…

bundle of rich pine with an ax

Gathering Rich Pine

Today’s post was written by The Deer Hunter. Bundle of freshly gathered rich pine As a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman,…

Appalachia Homeplace

My Mama was a Quilter

“My Mama was a quilter. Her quilts are treasures. Treasures filled with memories: I remember her choosing chicken feed by…

house in the darkness of night
Appalachia Christmas

December Feels

December feels fresh greenery on the porch and in the house the smell of woodsmoke every time I go outside…