Remembering Ethelene Dyer Jones – A Friend to the Blind Pig and The Acorn

Long time Blind Pig and The Acorn reader Ethelene Dyer Jones passed away on Friday November 26, 2021. Ethelene was 91 years old. Ethelene was one of my earliest readers. I searched the comment archives and found she left her first comment way back in 2009. And in true Ethelene fashion, in that comment she invited me to her upcoming family reunion which was held in the Choestoe section of Union County Georgia. I went to the reunion and had…

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chickens in chicken yard
Appalachia courting/love

Puppy Love

Today’s guest post was written by Garland Davis. From the time I was three until my father’s premature death when…

persimmons on tree

Wind in the Dark Hills

“There was loneliness in the dark hills when the wind stirred the withered leaves on the trees. It was music…