Appalachia crafts

Carving Apple Dolls

Have you ever heard of apple dolls? It’s a traditional craft from days gone by. Not many people continue the craft today, but Blind Pig reader Sallie Swor is an expert when it comes to making apple dolls. Recently Sallie was featured on Tennessee Crossroads. Watch the video below to learn more about apple dolls and to see some of Sallie’s amazing creations. I hope you enjoyed the video. Aren’t Sallie’s dolls wonderful? Just wow 🙂 I remember one of…

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A Fallow Garden

“A fallow garden still has promise. An abandoned garden makes us wistful for the days when it was full of…

tire on woodpile
5 Things Appalachia

5 Things

Raxter 1. There was a major upset in the chicken coop a few weeks ago…Bo the rooster passed away. He…