Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Dialect

Snowballs and Snow Water

Our recent snowy weather brought an old saying about snow to mind. Back when I worked at the college one of my co-workers often shared tidbits about growing up in Western North Carolina. I loved the stories she told me about her daddy. One of the things she shared was that when they sat down for a meal he’d teasingly tell her “Well it’s better than a snowball sister.” Over the years I’ve noticed the snowball saying several times in…

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Appalachian Dialect

Stog Around

I wrote about the word stog back in 2015, but so many folks commented about the word in yesterday’s post…

Appalachian Dialect


mortally adverb Extremely, exceedingly, intensely; at all. c1940 Simms Coll She wuz so mortally glad to see us. 1940 Still…