Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Dialect

Ever = Every

every adjective, adverb variant form ever, esp in compounds everbody, everone, etc.1929 (in 1952 Mathes Tall Tales 108) He says wearin’ a lump of asafidity round yer neck an’ takin’ a little balsam ile ever-day will keep off might ‘nigh any sickness. 1939 Hall Coll. Bradley Fork NC They said, “You’ve done more than ever man that’s lived here. We’ve got a good civilized country and a good church.” (Aden Carver) ibid. Hazel Creek NC Well, when we was a-deer-drivin’,…

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Appalachian Dialect

Hunt Up

hunt up verb phrase To search for and find (something or someone). 1940 Oakley Roamin’/Restin’ 114 We then pulled out…