Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Vocabulary Test 146

It’s time for this month’s Appalachian Vocabulary Test. I’m sharing a few videos to let you hear the words and phrases. To start the videos click on them. 1. Painter: panther; mountain lion. “A couple Christmases ago Chitter thought she heard a painter out behind the house.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tipper (@blindpigandacorn) 2. Pallet: a bed made on the floor from blankets and pillows. “The girls used to love to sleep on a pallet in…

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holler in the woods
Appalachian Dialect


long-headed adjective Determined, stubborn. 1938 Hall Coll. Emerts Cove TN = stubborn, with one’s head set on something; can’t get…

ice cold
Appalachian Dialect

Long Johns

long handles, long handled drawers, long handled underwear noun Underwear with long legs and sleeves, worn esp by children.1954 GSMNP-19:16…