Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Dialect

Ever Heard of a Lip-Hook?

A few weeks back Nancy Scott Beach sent me the following question on the Blind Pig and The Acorn’s Facebook page. “My dad always told visitors to just stay the night and he would put them on a liphook. Instead of saying he would make a mat on the floor for them. I googled liphook and couldn’t locate a southern slang usage that way. Was that just one of my dad’s Scots-Irish heritage sayings? Curious if you have heard that.…

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Appalachian Dialect

All Three

all three adjective phrase variant syntactic position after nouns or pronouns modified. 1937 Hall Coll. Emerts Cove TN You can’t…

girl in creek
Appalachian Dialect


Chitter is plumb foolish about the creek In the last few weeks two readers have emailed me with the suggestion…

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Tore Up Jack

A couple weeks back Jeanne left this comment: “Have I missed a discussion about “jack”. What kind of things are…