Appalachian Dialect

Appalachian Dialect

Red Off the Table

Last week  Joe Chumlea left this comment: “Have you ever heard the term “red off”, as in when I was a kid I had to red off the table after dinner?” —- For years I read the word red or redd in books used in exactly the manner Joe described, but had never heard it used. About a year or so ago I was getting my hair cut and my hairdresser said she told her kids to red up the…

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girl asking about pummy dirt
Appalachian Dialect


Several folks found Lyndall “Granny” Toothman’s use of the word pummy interesting in my Dandelion Salad at Christmas post. I…

biscuits on pan
Appalachian Dialect


We had some extry good eating at Thanksgiving. Extry was a word Pap used often. Francis Cook says it too.…

glass bottles on table
Appalachian Dialect

Had Ought To

had ought to verb phrase Should. 1904-7 Kephart Notebooks: 2:399 A feller’d orter have a good crowin’ rooster. 1937 Hall…