Appalachia Gardening Granny

Getting Granny’s Garden Ready

Granny has been anxious to get her garden plowed and her spring veggies planted. Over the weekend we managed to accomplish both. The crazy girl in the photo was there to help too. The Deer Hunter manned the tiller and the chainsaw. He and Granny decided one tree that had started shading the garden needed to come down. The Deer Hunter tied the tree off to another tree in the direction he wanted it to fall and Chitter pulled the…

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Appalachia Gardening

Garden Round-Up

Our garden is almost done for this year. We’re still getting peppers, tomatoes, and okra, but that’s it. As with…

Appalachia Gardening

Pruning Okra

Our Sow True Seed Jing Orange Okra has been producing nonstop for the last few weeks. I’ve pretty much needed…