Bean Planting Folklore from Appalachia

We love to grow Greasy Beans, also called Greasy Back Beans. When I was growing up Granny and Pap mostly grew White-Half Runners. In the last several years Granny has decided Cornfield beans are her favorite to grow. Someone sent me some Turkey Craw Bean seed so I’m anxious to try them this year. And one of Granny’s friends said she grew Rattlesnake Beans for the first time last year and just loved them so Granny wants us to give…

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new garden by greenhouse

New Ground for Gardening

The Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English offers the following definition for patch farming: 1972 Graham County 50 With the first stages of…

Planting seeds

Starting Seedlings

We’ve got all our seedlings planted for this year’s garden…at least I think we do! I started cabbage and peppers…