Appalachian Food

Appalachian Food

The Mystifying Matter of Measurements

Today’s guest post was written by Jim Casada. THE MYSTIFYING MATTER OF MEASUREMENTS written by Jim Casada Momma was generally inclined to measure ingredients precisely, and the recipe cards she handed down, many of them painstakingly typed on 3 x 5 index cards, reflect that. She didn’t bother with measurements when it came to things she cooked regularly though. As for Grandma Minnie, I don’t recall her ever measuring anything. While I spent far more time around Grandpa Joe than…

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Appalachian Food

Recipe Measurements

“Most cookbooks use explicit measurements in their recipes. . . [My husband] would say, “Billie if you’ll just measure, you’d…

Growing Beets
Appalachian Food

Growing Beets

I’ve been growing Detroit Dark Red Beets for over ten years and each spring I am still amazed by their…

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Cherry Bounce

“Old man Amos stands treetop-tall in mountain folklore. He made his name and his fame with a concoction called Cherry…

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Poke Sallet

“Mountain Cooking—Poke Sallet” written by John Parris Poke sallet is a favorite dish of mountain folks whose tastes run to…