Appalachian Food

Appalachian Food

Making Gravy

Come mealtime one would often find gravy on Granny’s kitchen table when I was a growing up. She fixed sausage or bacon gravy to go with biscuits. And if I was lucky she made chocolate gravy which she and I both adored. The boys and Pap didn’t care for it at all. With supper Granny would make cornmeal gravy which I never liked, but love today and she often make cube steak with gravy. Gravy is easy to make, but…

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tea cake cookies stacked
Appalachian Food

Making Tea Cakes

Over the years lots of folks have asked for my tea cake recipe. Since I started making cooking videos even…

Appalachian Food

Parched Peanuts

Today’s guest post was written by Keith Jones. I never particularly cared for that most southern of snacks, boiled peanuts.…

jars of pickled corn
Appalachian Food

Making Pickled Corn

Decades ago, families throughout the Southern Appalachians would salt-pickle barrels of corn on the cob. Ernest Parker of Gilmer County,…