Appalachian Food

Appalachian Food


I’m not a huge fan of mustard. I like to eat it with french fries sometimes and that’s about it. The Deer Hunter loves mustard and will eat it all sorts of ways. I recently received the comment below and have been perplexed by it ever since. Whenever I have a question about old time ways you all know who I ask…you! I’ve never known anyone to make homemade mustard of any kind, but find the use of squash especially…

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Piece of cake on plate
Appalachian Food

Postum Cake

After I posted a video about drinking Postum, the company sent me a nice thank you along with several jars…

corn pone pie in cast iron skillet
Appalachian Food

Corn Pone Pie

To make corn pone pie you’ll need 1 pound ground beef, venison, pork, or turkey 1 onion chopped 2 teaspoon…

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Appalachian Food

Poke Sallet

Poke Sallet is a favorite dish of mountain folks whose tastes run to natural foods. Of all the wild greens,…