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Garden Greens in Appalachia

While cultivated collards, turnip greens, and mustard varieties have been known to escape or naturalize and grow wild in old garden plots, it was common practice to plant them in late summer and early fall with other cool weather crops. People also planted late cabbage and turnips for storing through the winter, and the fall garden assured them of a good supply of fresh greens after the warm-weather crops finished coming in. Esco Pitts elaborates: “For a fall crop, we…

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squash pickles
Appalachian Food


“When I was a child, we lived in the north Georgia mountains. Mother would make a barrel of pickled beans…

Appalachian Food

Salted Watermelon

One of the culinary highlights of summer for me is eating fresh watermelon. From the time they become available in…

Lima beans and peas
Appalachian Food

Lima Beans and Peas

We recently played at a Homecoming over in Suches, GA. Those are our favorite gigs to play—there’s always good people…