There Was Eleven of Us

Front: Fay, Lucky, Louzine (Granny), Geneaieve. Back: Jr., James, Gazzie, Charlie, Dorothy, Jean, George There are eleven in my family counting Mom and Dad. The best family in the world as good as anyone ever had. The oldest is Faye and I guess the prettiest. The rest of us never had a chance if she was on the guest list too. Then there was Dorothy, who believe me was really a treat because she worked to keep us something to…

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doll laying on footstool

Granny and Dolls

For the past year it seems we’ve been in a constant battle with all the stuff in our basement. Chitter’s…

Appalachia Granny

79 Years Young

Granny and her first great grand baby Margaret¬† Granny is 79 years young today. As always, she’s made her own…