81 Years Young

Granny is 81 years young today. She told me yesterday she couldn’t hardly believe she’s about to be 81 years old, that she never thought she’d make it that long but somehow she had. Granny always makes her own birthday cake and invites us to come by for a piece sometime during the day. Last year we had a big party for her big 8 0. I still can’t believe we managed to surprise her with the celebration but somehow…

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The Pressley Girls cover George Jones
Granny Music Pap

Same Old Me

I’ve been thinking about love during the last several weeks because I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up. As I’ve…

large family standing together

There Was Eleven of Us

Front: Fay, Lucky, Louzine (Granny), Geneaieve. Back: Jr., James, Gazzie, Charlie, Dorothy, Jean, George There are eleven in my family…

doll laying on footstool

Granny and Dolls

For the past year it seems we’ve been in a constant battle with all the stuff in our basement. Chitter’s…