Appalachia Granny

Fall Fun When Granny Was A Girl

Granny with her brothers and sisters (Granny is the small girl on the far right of the second row) I was helping Granny yesterday and we got to talking about fall of the year when she was a girl. Someone would usually give Granny’s mother Gazzie a bushel or two of apples and she’d process them for winter use. Fall was the time of the year for harvesting black walnuts too. They’d all help gather walnuts and then hull them…

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81 Years Young

Granny is 81 years young today. She told me yesterday she couldn’t hardly believe she’s about to be 81 years…

The Pressley Girls cover George Jones
Granny Music Pap

Same Old Me

I’ve been thinking about love during the last several weeks because I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up. As I’ve…