Appalachia Granny Interviews

Appalachian Reflections from Evelyn Louzine Jenkins Wilson born 1940

I managed to do another interview! I convinced Granny to help me out on this one. The interview turned out great! I hope to interview Granny more in the future. One of my favorite things about the video is the words Granny uses. She says pasteboard box which you rarely hear anymore and she says Georgie for Georgia 🙂 Pap said Georgie too. Granny’s fear of water is explained by her mother being afraid she’d get drownded 🙂 There was…

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large family standing together

There Was Eleven of Us

Front: Fay, Lucky, Louzine (Granny), Geneaieve. Back: Jr., James, Gazzie, Charlie, Dorothy, Jean, George There are eleven in my family…

doll laying on footstool

Granny and Dolls

For the past year it seems we’ve been in a constant battle with all the stuff in our basement. Chitter’s…