Appalachia Folklore

Spring Folklore From Appalachia

Chatter and Ruby on a Spring day several years back A common piece of folklore tells us April showers brings May flowers. As much rain as we’ve had this April I think May will abound with blooms. A quick look in the Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore showed these other bits of Spring folklore. wash hair in March rain water for pretty locks never mix April 30 milk with May 1 milk or butter will be slow…

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necklace with clasp turned around

Necklace Folklore

Necklace Folklore If your necklace clasp falls to the front of your neck it means someone is thinking about you…

calendar on wall

Calendar Folklore

Granny’s got so stooped over she can no longer reach up to do a lot of things. As I flipped…

burning logs in a woodstove

Folklore about Burning Logs

A friend experienced a chimney fire just before Christmas. Thankfully he woke and smelled smoke about the time it started.…