Appalachian Dialect Folklore

Grandaddy or Daddy Long Legs?

granddaddy noun2 (also granddaddy grey-beard) The daddy long-legs spider.1957 Combs Lg Sthn High: Word List 46 granddaddy grey-beard, harvest-man = an arachnid of the Phalangida family. If a boy, sent out into the woods to hunt the cow, gets down on his knees near this sage little creature and asks, “Gran’-daddy-grey-beard, which way has the cow gone?” it immediately lifts one of its elongated feelers and points in the direction of the cow. 1999 Montgomery Coll: granddaddy (know to Cardwell).…

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a katydid on window

Katydid in Full Force

The katydids have been out in full force for several weeks now. I love to listen to their repetitive chorus.…