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Winter’s Springtime Capers

Spring snow 2014 Winter’s Springtime Capers written by Ethelene Dyer Jones Old Man Winter whom we’d bade farewell,Reluctant so soon to leaveCame sweeping back over hill and dale,To prance, to dance, to tease.Heat turned off was turned back on;Fires stoked and logs ignited;Warm wraps and winter garb donnedAnd plants covered and coddled.“Weather’s like this,” we say making the bestOf winter blast amidst springtime’s beauty;Try not to freeze, “This, too won’t last,”We go on to our living and duty. Ethelene’s poem…

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Corie in creek
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Hurrying Spring

“My sister and I used to try and “hurry” the warm weather by putting on our bathing suits (unbeknownst to…

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Forecasting Winter by Animals

Forecasting Winter by Animals It will be a bad winter if: squirrels begin gathering nuts early (middle or late September).…