Thankful November

Appalachia Thankful November

Thankful November – Beegums

“In the early days of beekeeping, the hives were nothing more than twenty-four to thirty-inch long sections of hollow black gum trees—a fact that has caused even modern hives in the mountains today to be called “gums,” “beegums,” or “plank gums.” Some peculiarity special to the black gum almost invariably caused it to be hollow and thus perfect for hives (and incidentally, for dripping lye for lye soap). Hollow sections of the tree would be brought home and the inside…

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Wild Fare & Wise Words with Jim Casada
Thankful November

Dixie Dew

“One of the finest food-connected advertising slogans I’ve ever encountered adorned jars of a popular brand of cane syrup, Dixie…

Daddy worked in the cornfield
Thankful November

Corn Shuckings

Marinda Brown: I always got th’biggest thrill out a’that—just th’children and me. Just th’very smallest children would get in and…