Thankful November

Animals In Appalachia Thankful November

Raising Sheep

“The sheep which were grown years ago for wool were a smaller and hardier strain then the sheep of today. they weighed only about thirty to forty pounds and were no bigger than an average size dog; yet they were stout little creatures that withstood cold, hunger, and disease in the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. But they were also shy, timid animals whose only source of protection from wild animals was to flee in fear. If they were…

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Wild Fare & Wise Words with Jim Casada
Thankful November

Dixie Dew

“One of the finest food-connected advertising slogans I’ve ever encountered adorned jars of a popular brand of cane syrup, Dixie…

Daddy worked in the cornfield
Thankful November

Corn Shuckings

Marinda Brown: I always got th’biggest thrill out a’that—just th’children and me. Just th’very smallest children would get in and…