Thankful November

Appalachia Thankful November

Thankful November – Neighborliness

I know you’re probably saying “Tipper November is over.” It is over, but my series of Thankful November has a few more giveaways to share. “Our independence it tempered by our basic belief in neighborliness and hospitality. Survival on the frontier sometimes required people to be hospitable, to take people in when night caught them on a journey or keep them indefinitely if their house burned down. Until recent times, neighbors joined in to help build houses and barns for…

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Wild Fare & Wise Words with Jim Casada
Thankful November

Dixie Dew

“One of the finest food-connected advertising slogans I’ve ever encountered adorned jars of a popular brand of cane syrup, Dixie…

Daddy worked in the cornfield
Thankful November

Corn Shuckings

Marinda Brown: I always got th’biggest thrill out a’that—just th’children and me. Just th’very smallest children would get in and…