Christmas 2019 Wrap Up

Chitter, Granny, Chatter – Christmas Day 2019 We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The best ever, but I think I say that every year. Granny made all the girls new sweaters. The Deer Hunter There was a pair of new coveralls because someone had outgrown and out wore their old ones. Chatter Chatter got a Christmas quilt. The beautiful piece of work was made by a dear friend. I was able to snatch it up at a benefit we…

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man holding schrader knife
Christmas Pap

A Gift from Long Ago

Schrade old timer fixed blade belt knife The other day The Deer Hunter showed me a knife he’s really proud…

handmade christmas train

Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Granny and Pap’s Christmas Train The girls have been sharing their favorite Christmas decorations in a series of posts on…