Christmas Gift Surprise

Several years ago we started the Christmas tradition of allowing the oldest to open their presents first and so forth until the youngest opens their presents last. We all really enjoy the tradition because it allows each person to explain the gift they gave as well as really see the look on the person’s face when they open the special item. Another thing we are big on is gifting thrifted or found items. If you’ve been reading Blind Pig and…

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Christmas card with tree and deer

Stuffed Squirrels

“It was nothing like the Christmas we made our paper chain and put it on the tree. We popped popcorn…

Santa train from kingston archives

Santa Riding a Train

Over the many years that Santa has come down through the mountains on the Santa Train, thousands of people, young…

Best sugar cookie recipe for christmas

Christmas Food Memories

“There is such comfort in having the same foods, cooked the same way, at all seasons of the year, but…