Wildflowers & Trees Of Appalachia

Appalachia Wildflowers & Trees Of Appalachia

Broom Sage Brooms

I remember in the 40’s going out in the fields and the edges of woods in the fall of the year with Mama and my sisters and gathering armloads of Broomsage. Mama looked for the longest straws, cut, cleaned and stripped these of old blooms and made enough brooms to last until the next year. Sometimes she made extras to give away to friends and relatives when they came to visit. We were a big family of nine and money was…

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Appalachia Wildflowers & Trees Of Appalachia


doghobble noun A common evergreen shrub (Leucothoe spp) having dense, tangled limbs and branches. [DARE labels this term “chiefly southern Appalachians”] 1926 Hunnicutt Twenty Years 124…