Appalachia children

The Root of Evil

Last week when I shared the post about ginseng, J. Wayne Fears sent me an email. Here’s a portion of it: “Tipper, I really enjoyed your interview with your brother since I grew up digging sang also. My dad was a trapper and sang digger so I came by it naturally. There was only one incidence of drama in all my years of sang digging and I wrote the attached little story about it.”  Once J. Wayne shared the story…

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childhood book
Appalachia children

The Book

Today’s guest post was written by J. Wayne Fears. We had received our orders, we were required to read a…

cocoa powder in spoon
Appalachia children

Pretend Tobacco

“My granny dipped snuff.  She washed out a snuff tin and cut me a toothbrush.  She mixed cocoa powder and…

Chatter and Chitter
Appalachia children

Fee Fum foe Fie

She called out to them, “Fee, fum, foe, fie. All’s not ready holler I.” “Not I! Not I!” they screamed…