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Letters to Santa

Blind Pig and The Acorn reader Don Casada was going through old issues of several local newspapers and found a couple of letters to Santa. Don sent the letters my way, noting the things the girls asked for are telling about the times they were living in. The letters were published in the December 22, 1938 issue of Bryson City Times. Dear Santa,I am a little girl nine years old. I am in the second grade. I have studied hard…

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The Wooden Foot

Today’s guest post was written by Stephen Taylor. Tales from Kathy Campbell In late December, 2014, I went to visit…

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Appalachia children

The Book

Today’s guest post was written by J. Wayne Fears. We had received our orders, we were required to read a…

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Appalachia children

Pretend Tobacco

“My granny dipped snuff.  She washed out a snuff tin and cut me a toothbrush.  She mixed cocoa powder and…