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Pretending to Dip

Someone left a comment the other day about their grandmother dipping snuff. Both my grandmothers dipped snuff at one time or another. In those days, things were different and the health risks of tobacco weren’t discussed like they are today. Back in the day when tobacco use was more common children often pretended to smoke or dip. One of my best friends wanted to be like her aunt who happened to be a smoker. When she was just a small…

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Chatter and Chitter
Appalachia children

Fee Fum foe Fie

She called out to them, “Fee, fum, foe, fie. All’s not ready holler I.” “Not I! Not I!” they screamed…

Appalachia children Games


Tipper and Paul I couldn’t end the childhood games and songs without talking about swinging. I spent untold hours swinging…