Appalachia children

School Fund Raiser Memories

A while back we were warming up in the back of a church before performing when I noticed the picture above hanging on the wall. I was immediately taken back to elementary school and the wonder of seeing many similar pictures when students sold them as a way to raise money for the big 8th grade trip. In those days the big trip wasn’t to a different country nor even a far distant state. The big 8th grade trip at…

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childhood book
Appalachia children

The Book

Today’s guest post was written by J. Wayne Fears. We had received our orders, we were required to read a…

cocoa powder in spoon
Appalachia children

Pretend Tobacco

“My granny dipped snuff.  She washed out a snuff tin and cut me a toothbrush.  She mixed cocoa powder and…

Chatter and Chitter
Appalachia children

Fee Fum foe Fie

She called out to them, “Fee, fum, foe, fie. All’s not ready holler I.” “Not I! Not I!” they screamed…