You Need a Savior

I’m sharing one of Pap’s original songs with you today. As we worked in the yard yesterday the song popped into my head and went round and round for the rest of the day. “You Need a Savior” I know your weary I’d like to help you You need someone to help you through For your my brother or your my sister I’d like to be a friend to you You need a brother you need a sister You need…

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sun coming up over the hill

Come Morning

“Come Morning” was a number one hit on the Southern Gospel Charts back in 1980. The song was written by…

photo of three crosses under dark skies

Kneel at the Cross

The girls have been fooling around with the old hymn “Kneel at the Cross.” It’s a song I grew up…

man and woman standing by car

My Favorite Love Song

Pap and Granny, ca. 1965 As the world gets ready for this week of Valentines Day I started thinking about…


Amazing Grace

After Chitter wrote the post about her new fiddle, I told her she needed to let Blind Pig readers hear…