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February: The Month for Mollygrubs

The Free Dictionary has this entry for mullygrubs: Rur. to feel depressed. She had the mullygrubs because her husband was out of town. Joe had the mullygrubs. We tried to cheer him up. has this entry: mul·li·grubs [muhl-i-gruhbz] Show IPA noun ( used with a singular or plural verb ) Southern U.S. ill temper; colic; grumpiness. Origin: 1590–1600; earlier mulligrums, apparently alteration of megrims Meriam Wesbster has this entry: mul·li·grubs noun plural Full Definition of MULLIGRUBS 1 : a despondent,…

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man and woman standing by car

My Favorite Love Song

Pap and Granny, ca. 1965 As the world gets ready for this week of Valentines Day I started thinking about…


Amazing Grace

After Chitter wrote the post about her new fiddle, I told her she needed to let Blind Pig readers hear…


Home from the Forest

The girls filmed the classic Gordon Lightfoot song “Home from the Forest” for Paul’s Christmas dvd. They learned the song…

Band standing together before a show

Gentle On My Mind

Today’s post was written by Paul. Paul, Chitter, Tipper, Chatter – Fall 2019 after a performance at Stecoah Valley Center…

the pressley girls playing music

Road To Lisdoonvarna

The Pressley Girls playing Morning Song at JCCFS As in years past the girls gifted Paul with a dvd of…