Sound of Silence

We played a chilly rainy performance over in Blairsville, GA yesterday morning at the Sorghum Festival. I believe the announcer said it was the 52nd Annual Sorghum Festival. There were some diehard fans who set through the chilly rain listening to us and we had a great sound man. Once the show was over a local newspaper reporter asked if she could interview us for a story. As we talked to her she was surprised to learn we had such…

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The Pressley Girls and a sunset

Ora Lee

A couple of weeks back the girls were on their way home from a performance and noticed an exceptionally beautiful…

moon lit night

The Bright Shining Light

Today’s post was written by Paul. Today I’m sharing one of Pap’s earliest songs “The Bright Shining Light.” I don’t…

North Wind song by Charlie Louvin Jim and Jesse

Singing about the Windy City

The girls have been singing the old Osborne Brothers’ song “Windy City.” I’ve always like the song but have fallen…

mountains across a cow pasture

Feeling Thankful In Appalachia

Thankful for the sunshine Thankful for the rain Thankful for the snowflakes For the flowers in spring Thankful thou will…

Chitter with fiddle

A Special Morning Song

Chitter, David, Chatter at JCCFS A few months back I shared a post letting you know our dear friend David…