Tree of Life

Today’s post was written by Paul. Today I’m sharing a video of Pap and his brother Ray (the Wilson Brothers) covering Don Reno’s song “Tree of Life” back in the day (8/13/1989). This video is from the same VHS tape I told you about last week. They were huge fans of the great Reno & Smiley. No duets seem to do half-time singing anymore, like the tenor part on this chorus. Pap wrote a few songs featuring half-time harmony. Ira…

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wilson brothers

Four Books in the Bible

Today’s post was written by Paul. A couple of weeks ago, I thought of a song that Pap and Ray…

Chitter and Paul

In God’s Eyes

Today’s post was written by Paul. Most weekends, I practice music with the Pressley Girls (aka Chitter and Chatter). Often,…


The Great Judgement Morning

Today’s post was written by Paul. The old Roy Acuff song “The Great Judgement Morning” crossed my mind the other…


Back to the Place I love so Well

Little White-Washed Chimney by Bill Clifton Where the Mississippi flowing on its sunny southern shoresAnd the steamboat comes a-puffing round…


I Must Tell Jesus

The old hymn “I Must Tell Jesus” was written by E.A. Hoffman (1839-1929). I grew up singing the song in…