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God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Today’s post was written by Paul. Tomorrow, Monday April 19, 2021, will mark the 5th anniversary of when Pap went on to be with the Lord. I mentioned in a previous upload (I believe around April 2019) that I was lucky enough one day to record Pap singing five classic hymns by himself, just his voice and guitar, no overdubbing, no other instruments. This was when he was in his early 70’s. The songs were songs that he was in…

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johnny cash record

Tennessee Flat Top Box

I’ve always liked Johnny Cash’s song “Tennessee Flat Top Box,” but the version I’m most familiar with is the one…


If That Isn’t Love

The girls recently learned the old Dottie Rambo song “If That Isn’t Love.” I grew up singing the song in…

Pig with scroll

Jim, I Wore a Tie Today

Today’s post was written by Paul. Our first song in the story song series was in 3rd person; the next…

wilson brothers

Last Three Songs

Today’s post was written by Paul. Today I’m sharing the last three songs from the Derwin Chastain VHS of the…