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I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Pap sitting on Granny Gazzie’s front porch Earlier this week on Pap’s birthday I shared a funny story he told me about a trip to get a load of peaches. On that same day Paul shared a video of Pap singing “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” The song is filled with words of faith and hope. Pap lived his life by both. He was the most encouraging person I’ve ever known. At his funeral a long time friend of the…

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bowl of peaches
Appalachia Pap

Hauling Peaches

Way back in the day Pap’s uncle Frank decided to go get a load of peaches. Some of them he…

Appalachia Pap

Funny Tales

“Here’s a story about that Andrew Gosnel. Old man Randall lived at the old home place about twenty years, and…

Pap's Axe

Not Just An Axe

Today’s post was written by The Deer Hunter. I haven an affinity for old tools. Old garden tools, hand tools,…