Appalachia COVID-19 Pap

One of Pap’s Knives Came Back to Us

The other day my older brother Steve came up on the porch and said “I’ve brought you one of your daddy’s knives.” I held out my hand and he handed me an old beat up pocket knife. I said “Where in the world did you get that?” He said “Well its a strange story.” Back in the 70s a local man, who would have been a young man in those days, decided he was going to start working on knives…

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man holding schrader knife
Christmas Pap

A Gift from Long Ago

Schrade old timer fixed blade belt knife The other day The Deer Hunter showed me a knife he’s really proud…

man sitting on porch

People Who Like to Work

Pap The heat of summer has continued in Brasstown. Last week’s 90+ degree days found The Deer Hunter replacing the…

old red house with bushes grown up around it
Appalachia History Pap

September 2, 1945

Harshaw Road – Cherokee County NC September 2, 1945 the Japanese delegation formally signed the instrument of surrender marking the…

Appalachian Food Pap

Cherry Bounce

“Old man Amos stands treetop-tall in mountain folklore. He made his name and his fame with a concoction called Cherry…