Pap’s Birthday

Pap would have been 83 years old to day. I’ve had him on my mind a lot lately. Mostly wishing I could talk to him again. A few years back Paul wrote a song about Pap’s life called “It’s a Wonder.” I shared it with you here on the Blind Pig so maybe you remember it. The song came to Paul in a dream, which somehow makes it even more special to me. Each verse tells part of Pap’s life…

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man holding schrader knife
Christmas Pap

A Gift from Long Ago

Schrade old timer fixed blade belt knife The other day The Deer Hunter showed me a knife he’s really proud…

man sitting on porch

People Who Like to Work

Pap The heat of summer has continued in Brasstown. Last week’s 90+ degree days found The Deer Hunter replacing the…

old red house with bushes grown up around it
Appalachia History Pap

September 2, 1945

Harshaw Road – Cherokee County NC September 2, 1945 the Japanese delegation formally signed the instrument of surrender marking the…