Appalachia Heritage

The Magic Vest

Today’s guest post was written by J. Wayne Fears. It hung on a nail on the back porch always ready. As far back as I can remember it was old looking, a little thread bare in places, faded from years of being used in all kinds of weather. I’m sure it started out a brown color, but since my dad used the old Montgomery Ward canvas hunting vest for all his hunts it now looks more a dirty tan than…

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Appalachia Heritage Music

March 13, 1979

Pictures-what’s the best thing about them? They freeze a moment in time forever. The same can be said of videos/recordings-keeping…

Course the bees
Appalachia Heritage

Papaw’s Chainsaw

  Papaw Wade (Pap’s father) was a wood cutter-and I’m not saying that lightly-he lived to cut wood-and cutting wood…