Appalachia Heritage Profiles of Mountain People

January 1870

Several months ago, Peggy, a Blind Pig Reader, asked me if I’d be interested in reading a letter that had been handed down through her family. It seems to have been written to folks who lived in my county near the town of Andrews. Peggy said reading W.C. Penland’s Civil War letters reminded her of the letter in her possession. The letter was written by Susan Lunsford and her husband, Mat Lunsford. Susan was Peggy’s Great Great Grandmother’s sister. The letter touches…

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Appalachia Heritage Music

March 13, 1979

Pictures-what’s the best thing about them? They freeze a moment in time forever. The same can be said of videos/recordings-keeping…

Course the bees
Appalachia Heritage

Papaw’s Chainsaw

  Papaw Wade (Pap’s father) was a wood cutter-and I’m not saying that lightly-he lived to cut wood-and cutting wood…