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Washing Dishes and Scrubbing Pots Along with a Giveaway

Do you like to wash dishes? I know some folks despise having to wash dishes. Makes me think of Madge and her cure for dishwater hands. Remember her? I actually don’t mind washing dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher so we wash everything by hand. There is something relaxing about sticking my hands in hot soapy water as I look out the window. I get a very satisfied feeling when I’ve washed all the dishes, put up all the leftovers,…

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Old red barn company sugar scrub
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Sugar Scrub

Did you know you could clean yourself with sugar? I didn’t until my friend, Dana, told me. When Dana and…

Jerry Pap Wilson
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Shaving Soap

Pap 1970 something. A few days ago The Deer Hunter and I were watching some silly reality tv show, I…

Soap by carol isler
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Lye Soap

Today’s guestpost was written by Carol Isler-who happens to be a dandy soap maker! Soap Making written by Carol Isler.…

Wash day
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Wash Day

Wash on Monday, you’ll have all week to dry; Wash on Tuesday, not so much awry; Wash on Wednesday, not…