Appalachia Logging

Mountain Traits from Dorie: Woman of the Mountains

Photo of Dorie and Wilma courtesy of Ed Ammons “Dancing was looked upon as a device of the devil by most mountain folks, but not Ma. She loved to dance. She’d lift her long skirt above her ankles and dance a dazzling Carolina clog. Her feet moved so fast it was hard to see them. Grabbing Luther, Lola, or me, she’d dance around the room until we were out of breath. “Do-si-do and here we go,” she’d laugh as we…

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Dorie woman of the mountains
Appalachia Logging


  “Fred and I were at Three Forks for three months before we were told to move to Eldorado. The…

Appalachia Logging

Logging in the Mountains

The Woodhick and the Ridgerunner written by John Parris The woodhick and the ridgerunner talked of ballhooters and chickadees, bullwhackers…