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Deputizing Blind Pig and The Acorn Lettuce Reporters @ Large


growing sow true seed lettuce

This year Sow True Seed has graciously donated extra lettuce seed so that I can deputize @ Large Lettuce Reporters during the fall gardening period.

I grew all the lettuce types in my spring garden. (click on any of the variety names below to jump over to Sow True Seed’s website to read more details about the type of lettuce)

The Parris Island Romaine came up in a sort of spoty fashion at first but quickly took off like wild fire! Although all three lettuces were good producers with a good taste, this one might have been my favorite. Although I’m thinking I might have been partial to it because of the Parris Island name and Pap having been stationed there when he was in the Marines.

The Buttercrunch took a little longer to germinate and get started, but it did well overall.

Jericho was the one I was most excited about growing. It’s touted to be perfect for hot weather and slow to bolt when the hot temps arrive and let me tell you it lived up to the claims. The lettuce was still going strong in July. July people! Crazy how well it did. I swear it didn’t begin to bolt till the middle of July. The taste was superb as well. I’m anxious to see how it does in the cooler temp if fall. If it does just as good it may be the best lettuce of all time.

So what does being a Blind Pig & the Acorn Lettuce Reporter @ Large mean?

Sow True Seed is always looking for feedback about their seeds. You know things like plant germination, growth, production, pest issues, and most of all taste.

To be an @ large reporter you simply need to plant the lettuce seeds, keep track of how they grow, and send your findings and observations to either me or directly to Sow True Seed. If you can snap a few photos along the way for me to share here on the Blind Pig-that would be fantastic too.

If you’d like to be deputized as an @ large lettuce reporter. Email me your name, your address, and your top 2 choices of lettuce varieties above and I’ll send you some seeds!

*The reporters @ large project has closed for this year, but be on the lookout for another opportunity to participate in 2018.



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  • Reply
    August 29, 2017 at 11:02 am

    I use to live in South Asheville (Skyland), before there was a Sow True Seed Company. I’m glad they’re there. I worked at Alliance-Carolina Tool and Mold, a German Company and have never been treated any better.
    I don’t know the names well, but Mama used to fix the leaf lettuce and pour hot bacon grease over it and with little onions and their blades mixed in. Good stuff! …Ken

  • Reply
    August 29, 2017 at 9:24 am

    The only lettuce I have ever planted was the kind that Mom always raised to kill and eat with soup beans. I think it was called Black Seeded Simpson. It’s been years since I have planted lettuce. I used a framed window screen to keep the rabbits out, but the deer moved it and had a feast. I eat salads several times per week and always buy Romaine to make them. Maybe I will order a pack from Sow True Seed come spring, but my fall includes a vacation, an out of town family reunion and several appointments that will keep me super busy. Thank you and Sow True Seeds for the generous offer.

  • Reply
    Miss Cindy
    August 29, 2017 at 8:01 am

    I see fall wilted lettuce and onions coming this year! Lettuce is a staple in my diet so I’ll be visiting when It’s ready.

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