Appalachia Crows

Old Jim The Pet Crow

Today’s guest post was written by Charles Fletcher Crows in flight “Old Jim The Pet Crow” by Charles Fletcher I had a pet crow when I was about ten years old. I found the crow under a big pine tree hollering his head off. There were about ten crows trying to rescue him. The baby had fallen from its nest during a wind storm. It was a little risky getting him with all the big crows nose diving me. Just…

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Crows & House Mountain Lexington VA
Appalachia Crows

Ravens & Crows

(Photo by Richard Moore-taken in the Lexington VA area) A few weeks ago, Mike McClain told me I should check…

Pet crow
Appalachia Crows

Uncle Joe’s Pet Crow

Today’s Crow Story was written by Kenneth Roper —————————– Uncle Joe’s Pet Crow When I was just a young boy…