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Best Way to Cook a Deer Ham

Conniption Fit


Don’t Laugh and a Funny Story about the Song

My car has a usb port and more often than not I listen to music through it. I’ve pulled the sound from most all the videos we’ve made over the years so there’s a ton of our own music to listen to. I’ve also converted many of my cds to mp3 files and added them to the drive. The first drive I had for the car died on me a few months back. I had all the songs arranged in…

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Riddle 21

I’m sharing another riddle from “Way Down Yonder on Troublesome Creek Appalachian Riddles & Rusties” by James Still. “It’ll bite…

calendar on wall

Calendar Folklore

Granny’s got so stooped over she can no longer reach up to do a lot of things. As I flipped…

pan of biscuits fresh from oven
Appalachian Food

How I Make Biscuits

After my post about The Deer Hunter making biscuits on the wood stove I received several questions about our biscuit…