Mumbly Peg

Best Way to Cook a Deer Ham

Conniption Fit


Cross Questions and Crooked Answers

cross questions and crooked answers noun phrase A guessing game played in some Smokies homes in the 1930s and observed by Joseph Hall. The participants, often a dozen or more divided into two groups standing in rows opposite each other. The leader of the game gave those on one side questions and those on the other side answers, which were usu humorous and not at all appropriate to the questions. As each question was asked, the player opposite to him…

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pan of biscuits fresh from oven
Appalachian Food

How I Make Biscuits

After my post about The Deer Hunter making biscuits on the wood stove I received several questions about our biscuit…

cookie with hersheys kiss
Appalachian Dialect

Sugar Kisses

“According to the Dictionary of American English, “sugar” is widespread in the South. They define it as “affection demonstrated through…