Fermented Chow Chow

Two Dead Boys Got up to Fight

Talking Fire Out


Help Out the Hornets

If you’ve been reading the Blind Pig & The Acorn for a good while you’ll likely remember me talking about Martins Creek School on occasion. Its the school I and my brothers went to as children, its the school the girls and my niece and nephews attended and its even the school Pap went to when he was a child. Although the location of the school changed after the old school burned, the spirit and community of Martins Creek School…

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person standing in woods with leaf in outstretched hand

Blue River Waltz

Fall of the year has finally arrived in Brasstown. We’ve been having chilly temps and falling leaves. I’ve loved every…



“That’s the way a body does. They just get busy and let things go that ought to be done.” Tipper…

cocoa powder in spoon
Appalachia children

Pretend Tobacco

“My granny dipped snuff.  She washed out a snuff tin and cut me a toothbrush.  She mixed cocoa powder and…

pitch fork in fire

Devil Sayings

October is the month for spookiness and if you ask me there’s nothing spookier than the Devil. There’s all manner…