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Kill Lettuce

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Best Eating of the Year

“The inexorable turn of the earth toward summer and fall brought busy days in the fields as days got longer and hotter, moving toward getting crops “laid by.” Some felt they could almost hear the corn growing on warm spring mornings. It was the time of the year when tables groaned under the delights of the season: bounteous harvests of fresh corn and beans and tomatoes and June apples and plums and peaches. Sometimes the big dinners had not a…

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Eaves dropping 2021


“Did you look the beans?” “I looked at them when I poured them in the pot.” “You have to look…

old spring in woods

Drinking Water

A mountain spring “While tea and coffee were scarce in the pre-Revolutionary backcountry, most mountain settlers fortunately found themselves with…

Katie and David Kaynor playing fiddle

Pressley Manor

David Kaynor and Chitter at Dance Musicians Week – Photo courtesy of JCCFS As I mentioned in last week’s post,…