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Ground Cherries

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Tater Pie!

♪ ♫ Tater Pie! Tater Pie! Choked to death on a cold tater pie. Yes I thought to the Lord I would die! Choked to death on a cold tater pie! ♫♫♪ My mother sang that old song to me as a child. She is the same mother who held me to her breast and sang me to sleep with “Knoxville Girl.” ~Ed Ammons — Tipper Subscribe for FREE and get a daily dose of Appalachia in your inbox…

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Chatter and Chitter

Fee Fum foe Fie

She called out to them, “Fee, fum, foe, fie. All’s not ready holler I.” “Not I! Not I!” they screamed…


What’s Your Name? Puddin Tame

  Tipper  When I was a little girl hiding behind Pap’s britchey legs or Granny’s dress tail someone would say…


Bread n Butter and Posts

Blind Pig reader Hazel Carr, sent me the following question after reading the childhood game posts I’ve been sharing. “Do…


Cornbread and Milk

My cornbread and milk photo was recently featured on the “It’s a Southern Thing” website. You can jump over and…


Too Much Rain in Lots of Places

Back in the spring we had record breaking rain for the month of May. The rainy trend has continued, and…


The Magic of Marbles

Today’s guest post was written by Jim Casada. Jim Casada Copyright 2016 THE MAGIC OF MARBLES During the halcyon days…