Growing Greenbeans

Aunt Faye's Pound Cake

Wild Berries

Making Mud Pies

One of my favorite things to play when I was a girl was mud pies. I found mixing dirt and water together with a stick or my hands very satisfying. Once I had the mud made I could produce all manner of creations by using leaves, flowers, grass, and mushrooms as decorations. I taught Chatter and Chitter to be expert mud pie makers at an early age. I’m telling you they could come up with some real fancy things for…

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Johnny Walkers

johnny walkers noun Makeshift stilts used by children. Same as tommy walkers. 1968 DARE = child’s stilts (Brasstown NC). 1997…


My New Favorite Cookbook

The John C. Campbell Folk School just published a new cookbook. The book contains over 200 recipes. Many are tried…


Carolina in the Pines

Today’s post was written by Paul. My favorite version of the Michael Martin Murphey song “Carolina in the Pines” has…

counting taters

How Do You Know Who’s It?

Did you ever use the counting potatoes method for picking who was ‘it’ in a game? As kids we used…


Best Place to Hide

Today’s guest post was written by Ron Stephens. I remember playing hide-and-go-seek under Grandma’s yard light. The pole was ‘base’…


Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Today’s guest post was written by Dana Wall. Hide and Seek is an old childhood game, its rules passed down…


Hide n Seek

Hide n seek was a game I greatly enjoyed as a child. I never heard the game called anything other…