Growing Greenbeans

Aunt Faye's Pound Cake

Wild Berries

Down in the Willow Garden

Today’s post was written by Paul. “Down in the Willow Garden” is an old murder ballad. Before I could play a guitar and could only listen to Pap play, there were three songs that I wanted to be able to pick, meaning play the notes of the melody: “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” “Rock, Salt, & Nails,” and “Down in the Willow Garden.” You may notice that all of these songs feature minor chords at some point in the song.…

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My life in appalachia wild hydrangea

Wild Hydrangea

Wild Hydrangea grows throughout the eastern United States and it grows profusely around my mountain holler. The blooms are not…

language in appalachia

Appalachian Vocabulary Test 113

It’s time for this month’s Appalachian Vocabulary Test. I’m sharing a few videos to let you hear the words and phrases.…


Feeding Cox’s Army

By Frank Leslie’s magazine – Library of Congress, Public Domain A few years back Pam Moore told me about a…


5 Things

1. The turkeys are still hanging around and we now have three baby chicks. We started out with five chicks.…


Time to Cut Hay

Folks in my area have just completed their first cutting of hay. They usually get two cuttings of hay during the…


Holy Smoke Cake

Granny is famous for her Holy Smoke Cake…well at least in our family she is. Granny’s been making the cake…


Daddy’s Ole Guitar

Today’s post was written by Paul. Steve and Pap Happy Father’s Day! This is a song that I wrote when…