Cornbread and Milk

By Shanks Mare

Snow Cream

Scottish Delights

I love cooking recipes from the “Favorite Recipes of the John C. Campbell Folk School” cookbook. It was published in 1971 and was compiled by Alice Tipton and Oris Cantrell. Along with all the great recipes, the book has old photos of the Folk School, old prints made at the school, and little snippets of songs and blessings that are recited before meals at the school. One of my favorite cookie recipes from the book is for Scottish Delights. One…

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Twin Delights

Chitter, David, and Chatter I recently had a wonderful conversation with a mother of twins. Her twins are closer to…



“Lord a mercy I orta know’d it wouldn’t a fit me.” Tipper Overheard: snippets of conversation I overhear in Southern Appalachia Subscribe…


5 Things

1. The Deer Hunter modifies tools to better fit his needs. He’s smart like that. 2. Number two is all…


Brasstown Has the Perfect Light

Sunrise in Brasstown “It gets gloomy back in the big mountains. Brasstown has the perfect mixture of darkness and light.”…



Tipper at one of Pap’s old homeplaces shackledy, shackley, shackling, shackly adjective Unsteady, shaky, in poor condition, uncertain, of little…


Carrot Bread

I’m still on the toasted sweet bread kick for dinner (lunch) every day. This past week I stumbled upon a…


We’ve Almost Forgotten God

Today’s post was written by Paul. Today’s video is track 1 from the Wilson Brothers first album “Words of Life”…

4 leaf clovers

Finding Four-Leaf Clovers

“I started collecting four-leaf clovers about 1930 when I found the first one. I started up here the other day…