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The other day I was thumbing through my Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English and noticed there were several interesting entries for the word feather. feather dance noun Same as a buck dance.1983 Matthew Cutting a Dido 105 The “feather dance” [is] a local sobriquet for old style buckdance: “A ‘feather dance,’ that’s just a little toe dance. You just kind of move from your knees down, a little feather dance. The old-timers said that when you were a smooth dancer,…

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Morningsong at Folk School

Virtual Morningsong at JCCFS

With the Folk School still closed, I’m mostly working from home. The closure might make you think the staff and…

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5 Things Appalachia

5 Things

Raxter 1. There was a major upset in the chicken coop a few weeks ago…Bo the rooster passed away. He…