Killed Lettuce

Slipping Off

Sassafras Tea


When You Need a Plumb-Bob

The other day I was helping The Deer Hunter on a job. We were just getting started and he realized he’d forgot to bring a plumb-bob with him for making sure things were straight. Before I knew what happened he’d taken a boot string out of a pair of snake boots he had in the truck, tied a wrench to one end and made his own plumb-bob. He said “How do like that?” I said “I like it a lot…

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a teaspoon of cocoa
Appalachian Food

Recipe Measurements

“Most cookbooks use explicit measurements in their recipes. . . [My husband] would say, “Billie if you’ll just measure, you’d…

hands clasped in prayer


I’ve still been listening to the cd of Pap and Granny I found a few weeks back. I’ve especially enjoyed…

Best way to eat green onions

May in Pigeon Roost 2

The 1974 Winter Edition of the Foxfire Magazine contains a compilation of newspaper articles written by Harvey Miller. At the…