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Reflections Part 3

Today’s post is third in a series written by Ron Stephens about his father-in-law Harvey E. Corder and the Blue Heron Coal Camp located in Kentucky. You can see the first post here and the second post here. Blue Heron is a ghost town now, first by abandonment and then by design. The Park didn’t put entire buildings back. Only the tipple is mostly whole. All the others were already gone, mostly burned by campers on the river. I still…

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And I Always Will Remember

With Memorial Day being tomorrow I tried to think of one of Pap and Paul’s videos that fit the occasion.…

Laurel thicket
Appalachian Dialect

Laurel Hells

laurel hell noun A dense growth of laurel (i.e. rhododendron) 1977 Hamilton Mountain Memories 48 Far back in the big…

Man singing at mic

When I Stop Dreaming

Today’s post was written by Paul. Ira Louvin Where to begin with Ira Louvin? Put simply, he was one of…