Growing Greenbeans

Aunt Faye's Pound Cake

Wild Berries

Like They do Across the River

“One of my Dad’s favorite sayings was, “do like they do across the river.” I asked him once what they did and he said, “They do without.” I take it that part of what was meant was to take what was given with a wry humor rather than rage against it since one couldn’t change it anyway.” ~Ron Stephens – June 2015 —— Tipper Subscribe for FREE and get a daily dose of Appalachia in your inbox…

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July in Pigeon Roost

The 1974 Winter Edition of the Foxfire Magazine contains a compilation of newspaper articles written by Harvey Miller. At the…


Serendipity and Pap

ser·en·dip·i·ty noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. ——- Chitter has been…


The Wildness of Summer

If you’ve been reading the Blind Pig for a good long while you know my least favorite time of the…


Chicken Eggs

Eggs: The Almost Perfect Food “In the mountains, eggs were almost as important to our diet as milk and bread.…


Garland and the Billy Goat

Today’s guest post was written by Garland Davis. There was the incident of the Billy goat. The doctor had prescribed…


Gnat Smokes

“We never throwed away nary scrap of cloth til it got so wore out it coutn’t even be used for…


Might in Appalachia

  In Appalachia we offer advice like this: you might could soak the plants in water to revive them you…