Fermented Chow Chow

Two Dead Boys Got up to Fight

Talking Fire Out

Appalachia Christmas

Christmas in July – The Korean War

“Christmas in July reminds me of a July around 1953 when I was in high school. The Korean war was going on and some captured American soldiers had sent letters from their POW camp to a local radio station. The letters requested certain Christmas songs be played and dedicated to their families and friends. The letters had been mailed well before Christmas that year, however, had not been delivered until the following July. The DJ at the station dedicated a…

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pile of apples with a knife beside them
Appalachian Food

Early Applesauce

“Mother seldom canned or dried June apples. The winter had been long and we yearned for fresh fruit. She fried…

two girls with instruments the pressley girls

Steel Rails and Stealing Songs

Photo by Ron Priest The girls have been doing Louisa Branscomb’s song “Steel Rails” for about ten years. They learned…

Appalachia Riddles

Riddle 14

I’m sharing a riddle from Blind Pig Reader Kenneth Roper. “What has 2 hookers 2 lookers, four stiff-standers, and a…