Cornbread and Milk

By Shanks Mare

Snow Cream

Dried Beans

“No account of food habits in East Tennessee would be complete without a discussion of the role of dried beans. If there was a single staple when I was growing up, it was dried beans. They might be white, pinto, or mixed, but they were always there. Every two or three days beans would be cooked, usually seasoned with fat salt pork; they were much better if cooked with a country ham (or shoulder) shank. Then they were reheated each…

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“I just can’t turn off work like I used too. Seems like I can’t get nothing much done these days.”…


Jump the Broom

jump the broom, jump the broomstick verb phrase To get married, usu without benefit of clergy. This expression has a…


Round Robin

round robin noun 1995 Adams Come Go Home 81 [Granny] would call up and order me to her house to…

Apple stacks at christmas

Apple Stack Cake

Appalachia is known for its Apple Stack Cake, but I never even tasted one until I assisted in a cooking…


Love from The Pressley Girls

The Pressley Girls The girls learned the song “Red is the Rose” five years ago and they’ve been singing it…


Riddles 6

I’m sharing another riddle by way of Sidney Saylor Farr’s book My “Appalachia – A Memoir” with you today. “Round as…