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Sassafras Tea


Appalachian Words about Cooking

I’ll be teaching my Mountain Flavors class next week at the Folk School. I’m super excited! I love teaching others about the foodways of Appalachia and I always come away with new friends. My co-teacher Carolyn and I have planned a week full of preserving, cake making, bread making and learning field trips. I wish each of you could be there with us to enjoy it all. Since that’s not possible, I plan to share a peek into each day…

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girl in creek
Appalachian Dialect


Chitter is plumb foolish about the creek In the last few weeks two readers have emailed me with the suggestion…

5 Things

5 Things

1. You never know what kind of stories you’ll hear at a Pressley Girls performance. You’d think after all this…


Being Self Sufficient

Ed Buchanan, a 74-year-old farmer who farms just for himself, can survey his little kingdom back here in the hills…