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Two Dead Boys Got up to Fight

Talking Fire Out

Profiles of Mountain People

My Father always Whistled in a Minor Key

Today’s guest post was written by David Anderson. “My Father always Whistled in a Minor Key” written by: David C. Anderson When my father came along into the world in the year 1907 many firsts were being placed into the log book of history. Included among these few historic and tragic events it was noted that this was the first time Albert Einstein began to apply the laws of gravity to what was later to become the scientist’s famous theory…

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“I don’t know, but they said he wadn’t no account.” Tipper Overheard: snippets of conversation I overhear in Southern Appalachia Subscribe for…

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Appalachian Dialect

Had Ought To

had ought to verb phrase Should. 1904-7 Kephart Notebooks: 2:399 A feller’d orter have a good crowin’ rooster. 1937 Hall…