Chocolate Gravy

Appalachia Through My Eyes – Making Sure the Knowledge Survives

It made my heart swell to see an auditorium teeming with high school kids. Not just any kids mind you. High school kids that were excited at the opportunity to discover more about the heritage of the area of the country they reside in – Appalachia. Tipper Appalachia Through My Eyes – A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.…

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recipe for honey nut bread

Honey Nut Bread

We’ve been enjoying some really good honey in the Blind Pig House. First: Chitter went to visit family friend Larry…

All Around Cowboy

All Around Cowboy

The Deer Hunter back in the day Today’s guest post was written by Paul. ———- A few weeks back, a…

bushed in Appalachia

I’m Bushed!

I’m settling into my new internet home and I hope you are too. There’s still much to be done and…



brogan noun A variant pronunciation with stress on both syllables [‘bro’gaen]. 1942 Hall Phonetics 57. 1967 DARE (Gatlinburg TN). B…

blare your eyes

Do you ever Blare your Eyes?

Do you ever blare your eyes? I do. I teasingly tell my co-workers my one and only fault is I…

Shanks mare

Shank’s Mare

Over the weekend I was flipping through my Cades Cove Cookbooks and it got me to thinking about Mildred Cable.…

traditional drink for 12th Night the eve of Epiphany

Have you ever drank Lamb’s Wool?

A couple years back I found an interesting apple drink in my favorite Appalachian Cook book: Sidney Saylor Farr’s More Than Moonshine. The recipe…

the kneeling drunkard

The Kneeling Drunkard

Today’s guest post was written by Paul. I learned The Kneeling Drunkard from Pap and my uncle. It was first…