Chocolate Gravy

5 Things

1. The Deer Hunter’s favorite red checked wool shirt has need attention for a good long while. He’s worn it so much the button holes became enlarged leaving it impossible to keep buttoned. Since I wasn’t ever going to get around to fixing it he took matters into his own hands and fixed it himself. He cut all the buttons off and then used a doubled length of 550 paracord to weave through the buttons holes from bottom to top.…

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cold in Appalachia

Cold in Appalachia

We’ve had some down right chilly temperatures this winter in Appalachia. I know many other parts of the country have…

I got up backwards this morning

Chitter got up Backwards

The other day Chitter got up backwards. She woke up in a bad mood and then she had one of…

recipe for honey nut bread

Honey Nut Bread

We’ve been enjoying some really good honey in the Blind Pig House. First: Chitter went to visit family friend Larry…

All Around Cowboy

All Around Cowboy

The Deer Hunter back in the day Today’s guest post was written by Paul. ———- A few weeks back, a…

bushed in Appalachia

I’m Bushed!

I’m settling into my new internet home and I hope you are too. There’s still much to be done and…



brogan noun A variant pronunciation with stress on both syllables [‘bro’gaen]. 1942 Hall Phonetics 57. 1967 DARE (Gatlinburg TN). B…

blare your eyes

Do you ever Blare your Eyes?

Do you ever blare your eyes? I do. I teasingly tell my co-workers my one and only fault is I…