Cornbread and Milk

By Shanks Mare

Snow Cream

cranberry-fruit-bread recipe

Cranberry Fruit Bread

Do you ever get in the habit of eating the same thing? Lately I’ve been eating a piece of toasted…


See the Salvation of the Lord

Today’s post was written by Paul. The Wilson Brothers This is another song from the 1988 VHS tape. This one…



“Yeah I know. That other part, it’ll go by the wayside.” Tipper Come cook with me! MOUNTAIN FLAVORS – TRADITIONAL…


We’re All in a Hurry

“Neighbors are not nothing, not a bit more like they used to be than nothing in the world. On back…


February in Pigeon Roost 2

The 1974 Winter Edition of the Foxfire Magazine contains a compilation of newspaper articles written by Harvey Miller. At the…


Favorite Appalachian Sayings

Granny I’m sharing some of my favorite old sayings with you today. I hope you’ll leave a comment and add…


Clabbered Milk

“Bonnie Clabber” written by Jay Henderson In Appalachian English, “bonny-clabber” describes a milk-product typically described as curdled sour milk. Bonny-clabber…


Ramblin’ Man

Paul filmed the video of the old Hank Williams song I’m sharing today in September of 2017. Here’s what he…