Cornbread and Milk

By Shanks Mare

Snow Cream


Crumble or Pour First?

“My friend Elliott Miller was hospitalized. During his recovery, one of the first meals he ordered from the hospital menu…


Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

JCCFS Fall Festival 2018 If you’ve been to a Pressley Girls’ performance you’ve more than likely heard the story about…


Riddles 4

  I’m sharing another riddle by way of¬†Sidney Saylor Farr’s book My “Appalachia – A Memoir” with you today. In…


What do You do in the Winter?

After Christmas I start thinking about gardening. I was hoping to get The Deer Hunter to turn our garden at…


Ruling Days Results

Ruling day 1: Low 26 High 48 No precipitation Ruling day 2: Low 35 High 58 No Precipitation Ruling day…


What Happened to the Well?

“As you will recall, my story was about my Daddy’s attempt to dig a well by our house, his disappointments…


Cooking by Lamp Light

“There was no electricity in those days, so we carried oil lamps from room to room and cooked in the…


Long Way Home

Last Sunday I told you about the Christmas dvd the girls’ made for Paul. It’s hard to say which song…


Old Christmas

Today’s guest post was written by Jim Casada. OLD CHRISTMAS written by Jim Casada Like everyone I knew as a…