Spring is Chancy

Kill Lettuce

Yellow Bells


Corn Pudding

I had never eaten corn pudding until a few years back when one of our friends made it for a…



“Burell’s dead; Dexter’s been dead for a few months now. They’re a going fast. I’m hunkered down cause I’m thinking…


Going Home

Paul, Tipper, Steve – Easter morning 1980 something Homecoming By Grace Pennington  © 1986 I turn the key in the…


In Appalachia We Like Rs

  In Appalachia we like to add the letter r to words that don’t even have one. And sometimes we…

Easy sweet potato recipe for thanksgiving

Roastin’ Sweet Taters

Candied Sweet Potatoes  Roastin’ Sweet Potatoes – Murphy written by John Parris Sitting around a hearthfire of a winter night…


I’m in the Way

The Blind Pig’s 10th birthday is coming up quick. The event has had me thinking back to the first posts…