Pickled Beans & Corn

Garden Folklore

Kill Lettuce

Apple on tree
Appalachian Dialect

Ever = Every

every adjective, adverb variant form ever, esp in compounds everbody, everone, etc.1929 (in 1952 Mathes Tall Tales 108) He says…

mountains across a cow pasture

Feeling Thankful In Appalachia

Thankful for the sunshine Thankful for the rain Thankful for the snowflakes For the flowers in spring Thankful thou will…

Eaves dropping 2021


“Did she tell you what we ate for breakfast?” “No she didn’t name it to me.” Overheard: snippets of conversation I overhear…

hay bale

Hay Stories

The cattle farm down the road lost an entire structure of hay recently. The whole shebang burnt to the ground…