Dew Poisoning

Ground Cherries

Dog Days & Weather Signs


Fox Grapes

Fox Grape Bonanza on the Blue Ridge Divide In 1947, we moved into the Steer Creek area near the Blue…


Marble Games

I’ve always loved marbles, not necessary to play with, just to hold in my hand and look at. I remember…



Tipper and Paul I couldn’t end the childhood games and songs without talking about swinging. I spent untold hours swinging…


Hide The Thimble or Key

One of our favorite games to play when I was a young child was Hide The Key. As I look…


Riddle Ma Riddle Ma Re

Hello Tipper, I’m Susie way over here in Kentucky. In response to your post to share with ya any games,…

Nesta silver lacec wyandotte chicken

Hog Meat and Chicken

A post shared by Katie-Ann Pressley (@stamey.creek.creations) on Sep 1, 2018 at 2:39pm PDT “Hog meat and chicken were our…


Buffalo Gals

While researching the various childhood games we’ve been discussing, I discovered an old song I’m familiar with was used as…



“I bet that about killed her momma and daddy. They always thought they were a little better than everybody else,…