Wildflowers & Trees Of Appalachia

The Old Chestnut Snag

I heard Pap talk about the old chestnut snag high on the ridge my whole life. In more recent years I’ve heard The Deer Hunter talk about it and I even heard Chitter talk about the tree after a turkey hunting trip with The Deer Hunter. Though I had heard many stories about the tree, I had never seen it till recently. Just before dinner a couple weekends ago we headed up the ridge aiming to see the Chestnut tree…

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The Chestnuts of Appalachia

“Roaming the Mountains with John Parris – Chestnuts: Only Memories Stand Burningtown” They stand like gaunt, whitening skeletons among the living…

Yucca plant

Adam’s Needle

Miss Cindy’s blooming Adam’s needle Adam’s needle noun A yucca plant (Yucca filamentosa or Yucca smalliana). Cf bear grass. 1940…

the kudzu man mike norris

The Kudzu Man

  The Kudzu Man The Kudzu Man is dead asleep, But soon he’ll stir, and move his feet. His skin…

remedies for poison oak

Poison Oak

  This time of the year folks are worrying about bug bites and the dreaded case of poison oak or…

tipper's fairy tale

Tipper’s Fairy Tale

  I’ve been keeping a secret from you this summer. There’s a fairy tale taking place just outside my kitchen…